The exoskeleton supporting workers with their heads in the air

Discover the Moon exoskeleton designed to reduce the efforts resulting from the constraining postures induced by working with the head in the air and to decrease muscle strain in the neck area.

It use preserves the user's freedom of movement, whether working with or without Moon assistance. With progressive assistance from 0 to 55° during head elevation, the Moon accompanies the movement backward effortlessly.

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It is very compact and weighs 0.25 kg.

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Easy to install

The exoskeleton can be put on and adjusted in less than 10 seconds.

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One size fits all

Known for their simplicity and accessibility of adjustments.

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All textile parts can be removed for cleaning.

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Is this exoskeleton right for you?

If you're wondering if our neck support exoskeleton could be useful for you, here are some key features it offers to improve your work quality.

  • Relieve work with the head in the air
  • Reduce strain on neck muscles
  • Maintain total freedom of movement
  • Accompany the natural movement of the neck backward